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Maintaining your equipment while keeping costs under control is one of your top priorities.  Our program lets you take a proactive approach to equipment repairs and maintenance.  Performance Analytical is committed to helping you take control of your Maintenance Program through our Used Oil Analysis program and Maintenance Management Systems.  Fluid Analysis the is the fastest and most accurate way to see what’s going on inside your equipment. 

PREVENT: Keep minor repairs from becoming major ones and help you avoid complete failures.

PREDICT: Predict wear related problems, allowing your greater flexibility in repair scheduling and downtime.

You can shorten your repair time with our Condition Report as a guide to locate the root problem faster.  With our actionable recommendations your mechanics can reduce their troubleshooting time because they can do directly to the root of the problem.

EXTEND: With our TBN test we can help you optimize your drain intervals.  And reduce your bulk oil costs as well as maintenance costs related to the oil change.  Industry studies indicate that 80% of all off road engine oil is changed at less that 250 hours, when industry experts recommend a minimum of 250 hours between oil changes.  Some of our customers have moved to intervals as high as 750 hours.  With a Drain Interval Study from Performance Analytical you could extend your drain interval, moving from 250 to 350 hours could save you 40% on your oil purchases!

AUTOMATE: With our Computerized Maintenance program you can manage your planned maintenance with less time and improved accuracy.  Our robust program lets you increase your level of automation in keeping with your needs. Your can simply track planned maintenance, employ remote handheld devices for data collection in the field and track equipment with barcode or RFID.